I am Emilia Zavaleta (Millie)

Mother of Belisario, Carlota and Augusta. I have a degree in International Relations (USAL) and a Master in Latin American Integration (UNTREF). I love culture, I am curious, I like to know new places and understand the why of things. I love discovering new people and being able to share with them what I am passionate about: art, history, music, nature and above all, people.
Following a very strong episode in my life, I started to think about all these things I loved. And almost by a spiritual impulse I went back to writing as I did before, with passion. Thus Mulanas was born, a desire to rescue the memory of Latin American women. Women who lived incredible experiences, in different contexts of history and in this beautiful space that is Latin America. Women who, in addition, felt emotions that we feel today.

I discovered forgotten souls that made me enter a world of diverse cultures and at the same time so similar. And so, I felt the urge to transmit those stories through tales, evoking all the senses, to generate the same emotions that they awakened in me.
As I travel the “mulana paths” I will be sharing that memory to make visible the strength of women through time. That timeless and unmeasured strength. That same strength that is born to me with them, those who were, those who are and those who will be.
I invite you to know, know and understand the Mulanas through art, literature and history. To learn about our past and present history, for a better coexistence and a more united future.